Last weekend’s weather was obviously hard to predict, since the weather forecast was changing day-by-day or more like an hour-by-hour. At times, it looked like it is going to rain the whole weekend. Fortunately in the end, we got very little rain only on Saturday morning and otherwise the weather was mostly sunny on Saturday and Sunday. However, on Friday afternoon – when we started – the sky was grey and wind very light. Thus, we had to motor the first 15 nm leg to Minna’s parents’ summerhouse in Masku.

Mooring Mediterranean-style with bow anchor and stern to pontoon. 
Unfortunately, weather was not very Mediterranean though… seems like Autumn is arriving also this year after all.

On Saturday, our start was delayed by a mouse, which had climbed onboard along the mooring lines and was hiding under the sprayhood in the morning. From there it jumped on the navigation table, when Minna opened the hatch… I guess that I got a hearing damage from her shout. Luckily, the mouse escaped to our camera case which was also on the navigation table, so the little fellow could be taken on the quay.

After the incident, we raised the anchor and got a very nice sail through the quiet Rymättylä archipelago to Nauvo, where we arrived in the evening. To our surprise the guest harbour was almost full, despite the late season, but we managed to find a good berth.

Clouds passed away in the afternoon. 
Celebrating the fine Autumn sail at restaurant L’Escale in Nauvo. 
Weekend’s route around Rymättylä island (about 60 nm)

On Sunday, the wind increased and weather turned colder. We were only 15 nautical miles from our home port, so we decided to have a lunch break at Kaskis island, which is quite a popular wild anchorage among the local boaters. However, on Sunday afternoon the bay was deserted. The westerly wind was gusting 12 m/s (about 23 kts) as we arrived, but we could find an almost windless corner from the the bay, where to drop the hook.

Lunch break at Kaskis 

Strong breeze at southern Airisto – we had the 1st reef in the main and genoa reefed a few turns.