We cast off on Sunday afternoon probably for the last night trip of this season. It is hard to believe, that only a few weeks ago we were wearing shorts and t-shirts while sailing. Now the day temperatures have dropped below 10 degrees, so it was time to find that woolen underwear, hats and gloves from the bottom of the locker. The wind on Sunday afternoon was mostly light, but we were not in hurry so we sailed almost the whole 16 nm distance to our boating club’s island base.

 Light wind sailing with gennaker

During the early hours on Monday morning, the easterly wind picked up, and since the harbour is open to east, the boat started rolling uncomfortably and making loud noises which made sleeping impossible. Adjusting the mooring lines did help to reduce that annoying squeaky noise, but we definitely have had better nights in the boat. I very much like the location and scenery of the club’s island base, but on the other hand, it is also less protected from the wind and waves of the Airisto. Also the swell from the large passenger ships, passing quite close by, round the island sometimes .

The sun came out in the evening. 

Sauna tops off the chilly sailing day…

The outside temperature during the night was only few degrees, so we had the heater on the whole time. The difficulty with our Webasto ST2000 heater is to find a good balance with the heat output. There is a separate output for the heads/fore peak, but the thermostat sensor is placed in the main cabin, so it is usually either too cold or too warm.

Chilly morning at Airisto (sea temperature 11 degrees, air  +5 degrees)