In the last week of July, we made a short trip to Isokari, which is located about 13 nautical miles from our family cottage and thus it is a perfect destination for shorter trips. This time we also had a record number of people onboard for an overnight trip, since my brother and his two children joined us for this lighthouse island adventure.

As it was still a high holiday season, guided tours to the lighthouse were organized twice a day. Due to the new legistlation, visitors are not allowed to access the outside platform on the top of the lighthouse anymore, which is a pity, since the views are splendid from the top of this almost 50 meters high lighthouse. Fortunately, the lighthouse’s lantern room on the top is still accessible for visitors after some modifications.

As the day was very warm, we spent rest of the afternoon on the sandy beach, which is located close to the harbour. It was nice to find that despite the warm weather, the waters were still very clear around Isokari, and there was no sign of blue-green algal blooms, which had been quite massive in many parts of the Baltic Sea due to the record hot summer weather. The sea water temperature was maybe around 25 degrees, which I have never experienced in the Baltics at least this close to the open sea.

Traditional sailing boat visiting Isokari

Our guests had to get back home for Tuesday evening, so they had booked tickets for a boat which is running daily from Uusikaupunki. However, we decided to stay for one more night on the island. The evening was perfectly calm which made conditions perfect for flying the quadcopter along the kilometers long rocky shoreline on the west side of the island.