Dolphin Dance was due to be lifted out of the water for inspection on Thursday, so we started for the weekend trip already on Thursday morning. The lift out took only about 15 minutes and fortunately the damages caused by a contact with a underwater rock in Sweden appeared to be very minor. I did not expect to find anything too serious, because our speed was quite low, but a longer scratch under the keel would have been a bit more problematic to repair. Now there was just a small scratch in the corner of the keel, which can be repaired during the normal winter lay-up.

We continued for Nauvo guest harbour for the first night. On Thursday evening, the harbour was almost empty, but there were a lot of reserved places for the coming weekend.

We cast off after the rain shower, but more was on the way.  

On Friday we had the best sail of the weekend from Nauvo to Helsingholmen. We expected this popular harbour to be full in the evening, but there were still plenty of vacant places for the night. We booked sauna (of course) in the evening.

On Saturday we continued for nearby Högsåra, which we had not visited earlier. First we checked out the harbour near the village. However, for some reason the main part of the pontoon was already removed, so there were only two odd buoys and the harbour was almost empty in the afternoon. Additionally, loud music was played from the other side of the bay, so we decided to switch to the Kejsarhamnen, the other harbour on the island, which was more quiet (despite the harbour being almost full of boats).