From HavsVidden we had two route options to Kustavi where the summer journey would end this time. If the weather conditions had been favourable, we would have taken the direct offshore route from Northern Åland to Isokari. However, light winds were forecasted for the coming days so we expected a lot of motoring and therefore chose the scenery route which is zigzagging across the northeastern archipelago of Åland. This was not anyway a secondary choice, since I consider this route to be perhaps the most beautiful waterway in the Finnish archipelago.

Crossing the Teili in perfect weather. Fortunately, we got more wind than we expected 
so we were able to sail most of this leg. 
The northeast passage (of Åland) starts from Enklinge and continues up to northern Kihti and Katanpää in Kustavi. In the southern part of the route the islands are more forestry, but the scenery gets more barren when getting closer to the Sea of Bothnia in the north. There are very few summer houses in the area because, due to the legislation, it is difficult (or impossible) to own real estate in Åland for people who do not have the right to domicile in Åland. Additionally, as this area is also located quite far from Fasta Åland (the main island) even not many Ålanders have their summer houses in this part of the archipelago.

The waterway is clearly marked with leading lines

We had a lunch and swimming break in a beautiful lagoon between the islands of Bredskär and Högören. Despite the high season, the route was not too busy and we were the only boat in the anchorage.

Clear waters in the anchorage made me test underwater photography with GoPro. There were a lot of  bladder wracks in the bay (rakkolevä in Finnish), which should be a sign of clean water. 

It would have been nice to spend more time exploring this area, since the anchoring possibilities are splendid. However, we had a schedule to meet, so we decided to continue still about ten nautical miles to north for the night. After searching for a while, we found an anchorage near the island called Innerskär. It was not a perfect spot since the space was quite cramped. However, calm winds were forecasted for the night so we set up an anchor alarm and decided that it is good enough for this night. The scenery towards the Sea of Bothnia was breathtakingly beautiful from top of the island and I also flew the quadcopter to take some aerial images of this anchorage.

The following day we had still about 20 miles’ leg to Kustavi, where the boat was left for a couple of weeks.