After two nights without electricity, showers and other benefits of the modern world, we decided to head for a guest harbour for the next night. The problem was that in the northern part of Åland the number of choices is not too plentiful. However, two years ago I had heard (in the sauna of Eckerö) about a harbour called HavsVidden, which would be something totally different compared to other guest harbours in Åland or in the mainland Finland. We were told that one should book a berth there in advance and the harbour fee in July was more than double compared to the other guest harbours in the area.

I had sailed past HavsVidden a couple of times, but never really paid any attention to it. The harbour, the hotel and the apartments seemed to blend in well to the surroundings. Furthermore, our nautical chart or plotter did not have any indication about the guest harbour. However, there is a good chart with instructions in their website about the approach, which is useful when looking for the safe way to the harbour.

After tying the boat on the sturdy quay we checked in at the reception of a 4-star hotel. The hotel’s pool area is included in the harbour fee so we spent most of the warm evening there. After seeing all the investments that were required to put together the harbour with a massive breakwater, the pool area and the hotel, I would not consider the harbour overpriced.

HavsVidden has a unique location in the northern part of Åland. There are not too many locations in this part of the Baltic Sea where one can see the Sun setting in the sea without any islands in the horizon. I guess that the number gets quite small when taking into account the places where one can do that while sitting in a jacuzzi.