On Boxing Day, Finland was hit by the worst storm for a decade. It was the same Dagmar storm, that raged in western Norway and Sweden. In Norway the storm caused extensive damage and hurricane force winds. Fortunately, the storm had eased somewhat before arriving to Finland.  
During the night to Boxing Day, the wind started quickly picking up. I followed the wind observations for example from Utö, the southernmost inhabited island in Finland, and right after the midnight, the wind was already gusting 30 m/s. We were visiting Minna’s parents at their summerhouse in Masku, in the inner Finnish Archipelago. Fortunately, this part of the coast is better protected from the strongest winds. However, there were some very strong gusts, which resulted in number of fallen trees. Furthermore, there is a long power outage which still continues when writing this post. 
In the morning, my father drove to the harbour to see that everything was ok with the boat. Half of the winter cover had been moved away, but it still remained attached to the cover frame, so it could be pulled back. Later in the afternoon, we drove to the harbour to check, that wind had not done any additional damage. Appart from some water on the deck, everything was pretty much ok with Dolphin Dance. However, there were a large number of boats which had torn winter covers or those were missing entirely. One motor boat had fallen and another one was leaning to a neighboring sail boat.
/Antti & Minna
The Boxing Day morning in Masku 

One tree had fallen over the power line. However, this was not the cause for the power outage.

A lot of boats had their winter covers torn or missing