From time to time we get asked about the name of our boat. According to the old seaman tradition, the boat should have a feminine name of three syllables, ending in the letter “A”. So in this respect our boat’s name does not comply with this tradition. However, I think that the name of the boat should have some special meaning for the owners. Furthermore, boats are individuals so one does not want to select a name, which is shared by thousands of other boats. When sailing in international waters, it is good to have an English name that can be easily pronounced via VHF for example.

I had actually decided, that my next boat will be named Dolphin Dance a long before she was bought. The name combines two of my passions, sailing and music and therefore our boat is named after one of my favourite jazz tunes Dolphin Dance by Herbie Hancock. According to the composer, “the music attempts to capture the graceful beauty of the playful dolphins”.

 The song appears on Hancock’s classic album “Maiden Voyage” from 1965. Sailboat is pictured on the album cover and many of the song titles refer to sea and marine environment.

According to the well known old belief, changing the name of the boat causes bad luck. Well
our boat has changed name at least three times (and probably many more). Previously she has been sailing as Johanne under Danish flag, and before that as Milonga under Swiss flag.