During the darkest time of the year, one gets easily a bit depressed, since summer is so far away. However, during the Christmas holiday there is good time to go through old log books and photos and remember those past sailing adventures.

Many of the best pictures from last season have been presented already in this blog. Thus, I went through some old photos from 2007-2010 and decided to select the best ones to represent the things that we mostly miss in the short summer of the north.

We would like to thank our readers for the year 2011 and wish you all a happy New Year 2012!
/Antti & Minna

Perfect gennaker sailing at Northern Baltic Sea enroute from Finland to Sweden in summer 2009. The boat in the picture is Avance 245, my first keelboat which I had from 2007 to 2009. 

 Beautiful small islands of Signilskär and Enskär west from Eckerö, Åland. (July, 2009)

Stone beach on Jurmo (south), Archipelago of Turku (June, 2008) 

View from Gullkrona, Archipelago of Turku (June, 2008)

Sunset on Kökar, Åland archipelago (July, 2008) 

 Small red boathouses and dark sky on Jurmo (north), Åland archipelago (July, 2007)

Sunrise at Northern Baltic Sea. Singlehanded sailing towards Visby (June, 2010)

Late summer evening on Österskär, Archipelago of Turku (August 2007) 

Sunset in Katanpää, Kustavi. When the sky is clear, one can enjoy the amazing colour palette of the sunset. (July, 2008)