On Tuesday, we left Borgholm behind and headed for Sandvik. There was no wind so we motored three hours in the sunshine. We arrived in Sandvik at noon, swam a little and started cooking. In the afternoon, we decided to rent bicycles. We started our trip by riding towards north to see the Gillberga rauks. Then we headed for the eastern coast of Öland island since we wanted to see the other side of this long island. We rode to Vikegård beach and ate some ice cream. The coastline on this side of Öland is very shallow and it is thus ubderstandable that here are not that many harbours. Consequently, many prefer sailing in the western side of Öland, i.e. via Kalmarsund.

Our feeling of Sandvik was actually pretty similar to the feeling we got in Byxelkrok in northern Öland, visited already in the beginning of the summer. Sandvik village was beautiful with its old wind mill and rocky beaches. During our stay in Öland  we really fell in love with this island and can heartly recommend these both small harbour villages.
/Minna & Antti

Gillberga rauks

East coast of Öland