On Wednesday, we set for a long leg from Öland towards Nynäshamn. This 120 nm and 30 hours leg was the longest and hottest one during this journey. The Sun was shining and the temperature was above 25 degrees both on Wednesday and Thursday. Unfortunately, there was less wind than forecasted so our Volvo Penta had to make long hours to get us to Nynäshamn for Thursday evening. We sailed about 17 hours of this leg mostly under gennaker. During the night, the wind faded and our progress was really slow. However, this allowed us both to get some sleep during the night. We were away from busy shipping lanes, but once during the night we woke up to the loud sound of the AIS alarm: there was a one cargo ship passing us in about two miles’ distance. Otherwise the leg was uneventful: motoring and sailing at the calm sea. We cooked salmon for food and read our books since there is a lot of time to spend when sailing. And when the weather is this gentle, one can actually do other things when sailing.
/Antti & Minna

The moment just before the sunrise