The leg from Öland to Nynäshamn was long and frustrating due to the lack of wind and long hours of motoring. But what often happens with sailing is that when you start to feel tired with the whole thing the nature treats you with some of the most beautiful sailing weather. This happened to us since during the last three days we have had probably the best sailing conditions during this trip: southerly wind of about 6-9 m/s, +24 degrees and mostly sunshine. We were able to sail all the way from Nynäshamn through the Stockholm archipelago and across the Åland sea to Mariehamn. After having burnt quite a lot of diesel since southern Kalmarsund, it felt good to be sailing again.

After leaving Nynäshamn we first sailed to Malma Kvarn, which is a small and cosy guest harbour, owned by Svenska Kryssarklubben. It was Friday and Stockholm archipelago was full of boats in the afternoon. The following day we woke up early, hoisted the sails and sailed through the beautiful archipelago towards north. We decided to spend the night in wild anchorage in Kulkan, which is a small island near Kapellskär. Antti knew the place already since he had stayed there last summer. It is located close to the shipping lane but it is on other side of the island that gives protection from the waves.
On Sunday we crossed the Åland sea to Mariehamn in perfect wind conditions. It was almost ten weeks ago since we had crossed the Åland sea in the other direction on our way towards Norway. It felt a little bit strange to be coming back to Finland and although we still have five days left before getting back home, it feels like being really close now.
/Antti & Minna

Malma Kvarn 

Sunny Saturday in Stockholm Archipelago 

Wild anchorage in Kulkan 

Arriving in Åland