On Monday afternoon we continued with a short leg from Mariehamn to Bomarsund in Åland. Southwesterly wind was gusting about 15-16 m/s so we enjoyed fast downwind sailing across the Lumparn, a large bay devoid of islands in the Main Island of Åland. Luckily, Bomarsund guest harbour was very sheltered so there were no problems to get there even the wind was so strong.

Sailing at Lumparn

Bomarsund in the evening

On Tuesday we continued with a long leg from Bomarsund to Jurmo in northern Åland archipelago. There were some thunderclouds passing over the area, but luckily we managed to get pass them. One of them was actually pretty close. We had a good wind for about five hours and during the rest of the day we motored through the archipelago. We had still a few days before we should return to Turku so we decided to make a twist towards north and visit Antti´s parents at their summerhouse in Kustavi. In the evening we enjoyed swimming in the sea and having a first real Finnish sauna (heated with wood). Now we still have two days left so we are heading now to Masku to see Minna’s family and then back home to Turku for Friday.
/Antti & Minna

The thunderstorm approaching


In Jurmo