On Sunday it was time to get back to the sea for two days, this time together with my father. We sailed first to our boating club’s island base, located about 15 nautical miles from our homeport. This was actually my fifth visit to the island, and every single time we have been the only boat in the harbour. Well, I guess that on Sunday evening, it starts to get quiet everywhere across the Archipelago sea at this time of the year.

 Four o’clock rush hour at Airisto on Sunday 

After a rainy night, a sunny Monday morning

On Monday, we decided to take the advantage of the good southwesterly breeze and take the course towards north and Kustavi. We had actually planned sailing to family’s cottage in Kustavi on the next weekend, but decided to sail there a week earlier as the wind was so good. The distance to Kustavi was about thirty nautical miles via rather narrow strait between Kustavi and Taivassalo. This waterway is closed from larger sailboats by Kaitainen bridge, but fortunately Dolphin Dance’s mast is slightly lower so we can use this shorter route.

Dolphin Dance was left to Kustavi for five days, while I had to get back to work for Tuesday. We will get back to the boat on Saturday, when we are planning to make a short trip either to Isokari or Uusikaupunki.

Approaching the Kaitainen bridge.  

Hoisted the gennaker for the last miles. Not perhaps the best choice 
for shifty winds of the archipelago after all. 

Found this old 15 kg ’Fisherman’ anchor from the storage and decided to use it as a secondary anchor just for peace of mind. Let’s see if we can get it back up…