Last weekend, we started on Saturday afternoon from Kustavi, where we had left Dolphin Dance five days earlier. We were expecting calm weather for most of the day, but northwesterly wind picked up during the afternoon and was blowing steady 4–6 m/s, when we cast off from Kustavi. We were initially planning to sail to Isokari island for the evening, but beating into the headwind would have made the arrival time to Isokari a bit too late, especially as we had to cast off early on the following morning. Thus, we decided to take an advantage of the wind, and took a course to Uusikaupunki instead.

Uusikaupunki guest harbour 

On Sunday morning, it was time to continue back home, but we made an extended lunch and sauna break in the cottage in Kustavi, before doing so. 
Isokari on a calm Sunday morning
Sunday sailing back to Kustavi
For the Sunday evening we continued to Katanpää, which is an old fortress and harbour in northern Kustavi. For Minna this was her first visit to this place with very interesting history. My previous visit to Katanpää was about one year ago, when sailing also from Kustavi to Turku
The wind conditions were pretty similar to Saturday evening, so we got a nice evening sail to Katanpää where we arrived around 10 o’clock in the evening. 
Leaving from Kustavi

Quiet Sunday evening in Katanpää.
In the following morning, we walked to the old sea control tower in Katanpää, which gives great views over to the southern Sea of Bothnia. Then it was time to cast off and start the long leg back home across the quiet Archipelago. The weather continued to be as great as it had been during the weekend and it was really hard to believe that it was almost September. It felt more like normal July weather. 

Villa Sarvilinna

We arrived back to the homeport around 9.30 pm after the 10 hours’ leg. One did not have to wait for sleep too long when back at home…
Back at Airisto 

Final stretch to the homeport