Dolphin Dance arrived back to her homeport two weeks ago, and after that we have been busy in getting back to our daily work routines. Thus, after a two weeks’ break, it felt good to be back at sea and sailing lifestyle on Tuesday/Wednesday this week – even if it was just for two days.

Actually, we arrived at the boat already in the Monday evening to get everything ready and packed, so that we would not have too much hurry on Tuesday morning. This is actually a quite nice way to start a trip, since there is not that normal hectic rush of getting everything packed and ready for casting off. One can just take a relaxed schedule, have an evening dinner onboard and at the same time prepare the boat for tomorrow’s sailing. Furthermore, it feels that you are almost already sailing, when sleeping the night at the boat.

We got a good southwesterly breeze for Tuesday, so we sailed pretty much the whole leg. The wind was mostly against us, but we did not mind beating our way towards the south, since the distance to our boating club’s island base on Heisala island was only 17 nm. We had not actually visited this harbour before, although this is our third year of membership in the club. Indeed, it was nice to find new places nearby.

On Wednesday, we both had a hurry of getting back to work, so we started already at 7 am. The wind was light, and it was raining all day, so we had a dull three hours’ motoring back to homeport.

No rush at this time of year.  


A wood heated sauna – an essential feature of pretty much any Finnish club harbour 
Beautiful evening sky, and six hours’ later it was raining…