After a badly slept night in a rolling mooring outside Positano, we continued early in the morning towards Capri. Last year, when visiting Capri, we stayed in a hotel overlooking the Marina Piccola, which is a beautiful popular anchorage on the southern side of the island. Thus, we were planning to anchor there for one night this year, but the conditions in Marina Piccola appeared to be even more bumpy than in Positano. As another night in a rolling boat did not seem like a tempting option, we decided to continue to Ischia island for the night. However, we took about half an hour swimming break in Marina Piccola and also lifted the dinghy on the deck for the leg to Ischia, as towing the dinghy appeared to be slowing us down a bit too much and we did not also want to risk capsizing the dinghy as there was quite a lot of swell. The dinghy had a rigid V-bottom, which made it much more stable under motor than our Plastimo, but it was also much more heavier to handle. Thus, lifting the dinghy on the deck in large swell turned out to be surprisingly difficult, although the large bathing platform helped a lot especially when handling the outboard engine.

Last glimpse of Positano
Approaching Marina Piccola

The wind picked up around noon, so our longest leg (40 nm) turned out to be also the best one in terms of sailing, although the wind slightly eased in the afternoon. However, we could keep on sailing all the way to Ischia.

Just a couple of miles from the port, the wind started to increase again and after about 10 minutes, the gusts had increased to about 30 knots (15 m/s). This sudden increase in the wind was totally unexpected. The wind was blowing over the island, so the sea remained almost flat. However, I did not feel comfortable with maneuvering this boat in an unknown port in such a wind, so we decided to continue to the next port on the other side of the island. I guess that the high mountains on Ischia accelerated the wind since the wind speed dropped to about half when arriving to Marina di Forio on the western side of the island.

S/Y Femme Fatale at Marina di Forio


 A wildfire broke out on a nearby mountain in the evening.