We had two more days to go, but as we were less than ten nautical miles from the charter company’s base in Procida, we decided to take a relaxed schedule and sail around the island of Ischia counterclockwise. We overnighted in Marina Casamicciola, in which we were planning to stay already the day before, but decided to pass the harbour then due to the sudden increase in the wind speed.

The wind increased again in the afternoon, but not as much as the day before. When arriving to Casamicciola, I contacted harbour master with VHF and he showed us a berth in a pier, which is normally reserved for a bit larger yachts. However, as it was an off-season, there were plenty of vacant berths and this pier was the closest to the harbour master’s office. The mooring lines were double as thick as normally, and it was a bit difficult to tie the rope to the small cleat. As usual we were the smallest boat in the pier.

Coffee and swimming break on an anchorage near Castello Aragonese

Marina Casamicciola

On the last sailing day, we had only a short leg to Procida left, so we were not in a hurry and took a bus to the Ischia Porto. 

In the afternoon it was time to say arrividerci to Ischia, and start the final leg. The wind was light, but we did not mind the relaxed sailing conditions. The boat (Beneteau Oceanis 37) logged the total of 100 nautical miles during the week.
/Antti & Minna

Back in Procida 

Amazing Marina Corricella was a filming location for the movie ‘Talented Mr. Ripley’