On the second day, we continued towards Amalfi Coast which is located on the southern shore of the mountainous Sorrentine Peninsula. The shores are steep and the highest peaks reach up to over 1000 metres, so the scenery is dramatic. We decided to stop by at Positano, which is said to be the most beautiful village on the area. Consequently, it was also the most crowded and the most expensive place that we visited during the week. Nevertheless, the village and the surroundings were also breathtakingly beautiful.

Positano does not have a port so boats are anchoring or mooring about a couple of hundred meters from the shore. When arriving there, a marinero came to us with a RIB and showed a mooring buoy that we could use. The price for one night on the buoy was a bit on the high side – 60 euros. Although we could negotiate the price down to 50 euros, it is still by far the most that we have ever paid for a mooring without any services!

Positano is open to the sea so the anchorage can only be used in settled weather. The wind was calm during the day, but there was some southerly swell remaining. However, the number of passenger boats which drove almost at full speed to Positano were mostly responsible for the awkward cross-swell.

Like often seems to be the case, the swell worsened during the night and the boat started to roll uncomfortably on the mooring. First I tried sleeping in the fore peak without success, then in the aft cabin, but the most comfortable (and the quietest) place was eventually found from the cockpit. Luckily the night was warm…

Passing the island of Capri on the way to Positano 

Approaching Positano 

Swimming with the GoPro