After arriving in Visby on Saturday, we spent the rest of the day mostly recovering from the strains of the overnight leg from Nynäshamn. On Sunday, it was time to start an island tour. My brother’s family had arrived in Visby already on Friday with a Destination Gotland ferry, so on Sunday we rented a car and joined them on a road trip to the beautiful Fårö island, located northeast from Gotland. The distance between the islands is less than a mile, and there is a frequent ferry connection.

We toured mostly the same places on Fårö as we did three years earlier in 2010. However, for Minna this was the first time on Fårö (or on Gotland in general). Furthermore, as this small island is so great, I do not mind coming back again and again.

Here are some photos from our trip to Fårö:

 White rocky beaches on the east coast

Holmudden’s Fyr – Fårö lighthouse

Langhammars rauks – Fårö is famous for many rauk areas (sea-stacks) 
which are limestone formations caused by erosion.

 Helgumannen fiskeläge – fishing station 

Gamle hamn rauks