Favourable winds were forecasted for the night between Friday and Saturday, so we decided to make a night passage to Gotland. In the evening, the wind was blowing from SW at 7 m/s (or 14 knots), but it was forecasted to veer to west later in the evening and further to north during the following day. Thus, we cast off around 7 pm from Nynäshamn and sailed the first few hours close hauled. Around 11 pm, the wind veered – as forecasted – to west and increased to about 10–11 m/s (20 kts). Thus, we took the first reef in the main and reeded the genoa a couple of turns. With this sail setup the speed rarely dropped under 6 knots. As I was still curing my flu, I tried to stay behind the sprayhood as much as possible and let the windpilot take care of the steering: it kept a steady course almost all the way to Visby.

 Sun setting behind the Öja island

We arrived in Visby at 10 o’clock in the Saturday morning after a 14,5 hours’ and 80 nm leg. First the inner harbour appeared to be almost full, but then we saw a boat leaving and freeing a good berth so we managed to get that one. If the inner harbour is full, there are more berths at breakwater, but those are further away from the city centrum and the servicehouse. This area is also less lively so it is preferred by many. 
On Sunday we rented a car and made a road trip to Fårö island, but more about that later…
The sun rose at 3:52

 Visby ahead! 

The Visby inre hamn