We have now spent almost one whole week in Visby, Gotland. Besides making a road trip to Fårö, we have been rambling around the old town and its narrow streets. Visby is actually a UNESCO Wolrd Heritage Site and probably the best-preserved medieval town in the Nordic countries. The atmosphere in the city is fantastic – we have spent many days here (partly thanks to the strong northeasterly breeze) but we are still not bored of walking here up and down the streets that zigzag the town built on the hill and its slope.
Anyway tomorrow, on Friday, we hope to be able to continue sailing towards the north of Gotland. First we aim to visit Lickershamn and the famous Jungfrun rauk closeby and then continue towards Lauterhorn on Fårö. But here are more photos from Visby first!

Visby Ringmuren “Ring Wall” – the old wall surrounding the medieval town. 
Medieval riders in the Öster Centrum 

Kallis – Kallbadhuset – Visbys legendary beach club. Here it feels like you were in the Mediterranean and not in the Nordics… 

Antti on Strandpromenaden (Beach promenade) watching to the sea! 

Minna at Fiskargränden (Fishermans Alley), probably the most photographed, 
idyllic street of the old town.

Destination Gotland ferry approaching Visby harbour in the sunset