Dolphin Dance has now arrived at Egersund where we are going to stay for a few days. The weather is not that great – it has been raining a lot during these two days we have been here. On Monday, were arrived here and on Tuesday evening also Minna came. Almost at the same time, Pertti left back to Finland to spend the summer in a bit more sunny weather conditions – we heard that there is almost 30 degrees and sunshine in Finland! Well, they forecast sunshine and 20 degrees also for Egersund for Thursday and Friday, but the winds are going to be strong so Dolphin Dance is probably going to stay in Egersund. We might instead rent a car and start exploring this area further. Our plan at the moment is, that we would not continue further by sailing but turn back to explore the southern and southeastern Norway.

There is pretty good WiFi-connection here in Egersund gestehavn so I am able to download some pictures of places that we have visited earlier and Lillesand is the first one. It is a picturesque, small town of 9000 inhabitants. It is a popular turist resort and was very lively on Saturday evening. It is part of the traditional district of Sørlandet, that consists of the area of Vest-Agder and Aust-Agder in Southern Norway. The landscape in the area is really beautiful.

Beautiful architecture in the Archipelago

Lillesand is a typical coastal town in Sørlandet with white wooden buildings.

 Many Norwegians have summer houses in the Archipelago