On Sunday Timo had to catch an early bus from Kristiansand to Oslo so we woke up also early and motored 33 nm leg to the scenic nature harbour of Imsøysundet. Our initial plan was to go past the Lindesnes cape if weather conditions permit, but southwesterly wind picked up during the day and thus we decided to overnight at Imsøysundet, 5 nm northeast from Lindesnes. There is a public recreational area in the southern part of the island with some mooring buoys, a toilet and a garbage bin, but otherwise the island is uninhabited.

On Monday morning we planned to start early, but there was a thick fog over the Imsøysundet so we decided to go back to sleep and try again a few hours later. Luckily, the visibility improved so that we were able to continue to Egersund. We rounded the Lindesnes cape in light winds and fairly easy swell. The wind started to pick up during the day and we were able to sail the last 7 hours from Lista cape to Egersund. Also the waves increased after Lista and there was some nasty cross swell as wind was now blowing from SE and a swell was coming from SW.

 It is interesting to see how scenery becomes higher when sailing towards southwest.

 The sheltered harbour of Imsøysundet is located in a long sound between two islands

Typical Norwegian scenery with mountains covered by clouds

A lonely goat watching as we left Imsøy

 Lindesnes lighthouse

SW-coast of Norway is exposed and can be a nasty place on strong winds.