On Tuesday morning I left early from Finland to fly to Norway. I took a Norwegian flight from Helsinki to Oslo, where I stayed for the day to go sightseeing. In the evening, I took another flight from Oslo to Stavanger and then train to Egersund, where Antti and S/Y Dolphin Dance were. 

The bus route from Oslo Gardemoen airport to Oslo Sentrum is not that long. Oslo train station is, however, being renovated this summer and everyone has to take the bus instead of taking the train. Thus, I queued a long time and was only able to take the third bus that came. After two hours I was in the city. I walked around the city centre for a couple of hours and looked for a prepaid internet connection from a couple of stores but the ones available are way too expensive so we are going to keep on trusting on the WiFi services that guest harbours offer. Then, after walking a while in the centre, I headed towards the Oslofjord and saw the Oslo Opera House.

The surroudings of the building were not that beautiful since there is a lot of renovation going on but the building is quite remarkable, especially because of its white marble that makes you feel like wearing sunglasses even if the Sun does not shine that much. It is popular among the tourists to walk on the angled roof of the building and that is what I did, of course.

I kept still walking in the city for a while and went shopping a little on Karl Johans gate, the main street of Oslo. In the end of the shopping street, one can also see the Royal Palace.

As mentioned, I then took the flightbus back to the airport and took another flight with Nogwegian to get to Stavanger. During the flight I fell asleep since it had been a long day. When they told us we were going to land, I woke up and saw that we just went underneath the clouds and I was able to see the beautiful view to the fjords.

From Stavanger Sola Airport I then took a bus to the train station and then a local train to Egersund. On the way I saw a lot of the nature, but also an oil rig. When we later rented a car to get to know the area better, we also went to see it to Sandnes.