When we were preparing for our sailing journey, we tried to read hints from books and other blogs on how one should prepare for the sailing journey. I tried to find particular tips especially when it comes to food and eating since I am mostly responsible for those! I read a cooking book focusing on cooking on a sailing boat from cover to cover (Merikokin messissä, unfortunately only in Finnish). The book is written by experienced sailors and it is really useful since it provides a lot of information on how one cooks aboard and what one should take with oneself to the boat when preparing for a longer journey. In our case, it was not possible to come back home and get what one forgot to take, since we were preparing for a longer journey towards Norway. In such a case, it was wise to prepare and pack carefully.

Reading the book and other blogs was on all counts very useful. One of the most practical hints we got were thermos travel mugs. Antti had mentioned a couple of times that coffee is something one needs most on the boat – caffeine will keep one going when one is tired. He also mentioned that one can not pour too much coffee on a cup since it easily spills all over the cockpit and then one needs to start cleaning – to keep the teak deck from suffering. When I then read on one Finnish sailing blog (Kuinka purjehtijaksi tullaan) that they had bought new thermos mugs, I got the idea that we also needed those.

When I was shopping at Stockmann in Turku, I bought a pair of these Sagaform mugs. They have been one of the most practical solutions that we have come up with lately. When one prepares for a day of sailing in the morning, one can boil the water and pour it in a thermos bottle. One can add some instant coffee (yes, that is what one drinks aboard) in the mug and put them aside to wait. When one wants coffee during sailing, it is easy to prepare it, even if the angle of the heel is really extreme.

Pictures of mugs are linked from Gourmet Kitchenware.