During last summer we learned that for two persons, a 29ft boat is spacious enough when everything is kept well organized. However, after a longer sailing leg one is often tired and organization is easily forgotten. A tidy boat can alter to a very messy one in a very short time. One of the problems are the shoes. One needs to have quite many of them onboard for different situations. When visiting Ikea last time, we bought a SKUBB organizer with nine compartments and we shall use it for storing shoes onboard. This is important, since shoes do get easily ruined if they are not stored in a good way. We hope that this one will fit well in the small wardrobe there is.

SKUBB organizer from IKEA

We would prefer a boat with after cabin, since then the fore peak could be dedicated for storage. However, since we do not have one, the fore peak is used for storage during sailing and all the stuff is moved to saloon every evening and back again next morning. Thus we are planning to add some storage space for clothes etc. in the fore peak. In general, it is important that things have their own designed place. In such a case there are not that many moving objects that can easily create a chaos onboard. Blue Performance has a wide selection of products for helping with storage onboard. One product that we are considering is a foldable storage box like the one in the picture.
/Antti & Minna

Foldable storage box by Blue Performance