Usually at this time of the year we have already removed the winter cover and started cleaning and polishing the topsides. However, this spring has been very cold so all this has been postponed until the days get a bit warmer. We have plenty of things to do at the boat, so this means that we have to probably postpone the date that S/Y Dolphin Dance is launched by couple of weeks. We had initially planned to launch in the end of April, but now the mid-May seems more probable. So it is still one and a half long months till the sailing season starts.

However, there are plenty of things that one can do if the weather does not permit working outside. First and foremost, we have been varnishing the tiller and mattress boards. Tiller has already got five layers, but it needs still a couple of more layers and then it will be ready.

Now it also a good time to make a list of items that need to be purchased. One of the biggest investments for the coming season is a new compressor for fridge to replace the original one that quit working last summer.

When going through the catalogues of different maritime stores, one often comes up with interesting products.  One that we found quite rational is a folding bucket to solve the problem of storing buckets onboard.

Product photos