We were planning to start cleaning and fixing the boat already. Even though it is the 1st of April, the spring has not arrived yet: it was snowing here in Southern Finland today! Thus, we had to settle for working with the other projects.

First of all, the curtains. I have measured how much fabric is needed, but now we have to make some decisions: Which fabric shall be used? We shall have white or off-white curtains, but what shall the material be like? We are considering some synthetic fabrics even though the natural ones are normally more appealing to us. Onboard, synthetic materials might be more durable. Additionally, it would be wise to create a curtain for the hatch/window over the forepeak berth that won’t let the sunshine in too early in the morning. That curtain shall be blinding or we need too use lining… We’ll see.

 This nice photo of a crocheted produce bag is borrowed.

We are making a lot of plans at the moment! I namely bought new yarn by Novita, and will soon start crocheting a new, more functional vegetable bag to be used onboard. The one I crocheted last year (you saw it in a blog post earlier) was not as great as it could be, so I will give it a new go!