When we were sailing from Mandal to Lillesand, we sailed through the beautiful Norwegian archipelago. There is one sheltered inshore passage called Blindleia between Gamle Hellesund and Lillesand. It is very popular among boat folks. If one’s boat’s mast is less than 19 m high and the boat’s depth is less than 3 m, one can take this route.

We took a lot of pictures of Norwegian villas we saw during this sunny day’s sailing. We are still quite amazed at the places where those white, traditional houses are often built! For example, there were small islands, where there is nothing but one house. The actual Blindleia route was very narrow at times and there was a lot of traffic. It was a good choice we had made – we arrived at Blindleia only during late afternoon so the busiest traffic hours were already over.

By the way – these pictures are the last ones we are now going to post about sailing in Norway. We have already arrived in Skagen, the northest town of Denmark and we are now planning how we shall continue sailling. We have even been thinking that we might use Göta kanal instead of sailing via southern Denmark and Sweden, but we have not decided yet how we shall do.

/Minna & Antti