On Friday evening we left Lillesand and took a course towards Denmark. On the coast of Norway there was strong SW-going current which pushed us too much south. The wind and the current eased during the evening and we motored about three hours in quite large swell. Later, around 10 pm, the wind changed to SW and increased so we could start sailing again. However, we decided to reef the main sail for the night just in case, but the wind stayed around 6-10 m/s and we were able to sail comfortably through the night. Following day, the wind increased to about 13 m/s and the final part from the northern tip of Denmark to Skagen harbour was motoring against strong wind and current.

On Saturday afternoon we rented bicycles and went to see the long beaches. Compared to Norway, Skagen was quite the opposite: almost flat landscape, straight roads and long sandy beaches. Also the food and alcohol is substantially cheaper than in Norway. We stayed in Skagen for two nights since on Sunday the weather was windy and rainy.

/Antti & Minna

Last glimpse of Norway

 Sunrise at Skagerrak

The busy Skagen harbour