On Monday morning, we left Skagen behind and headed for Sweden. Strong southerly breeze of 13 m/s was forecasted for the afternoon so we decided to take the first reef in the main sail. In the beginning the current was in our favour and as the wind increased during the day, we were able to maintain really good speed through the day.

Källö-Knippla, Sweden

We arrived at around 5 pm in Källö-Knippla island, that Antti had already visited when he was sailing towards Norway in June. On Tuesday, we sailed and motored a short leg from Källö-Knippla to Gothenburg. We chose to stay in Långedrag harbour, which is located 5 nm outside the city. The harbour was a good choice – the tram goes in the city in 20 minutes but the harbour itself is not as busy as the one in the center. Additionally, the facilities are pretty good: we were happily surprised that this harbour has a sauna, even though it is Swedish one (ie. cold). Anyway, in the afternoon, we took the tram and went to the city to do some shopping and sightseeing and afterwards, we were happy to take a sauna bath since we had not found a sauna in many weeks now. As a Finn, it seems weird that there are no saunas here or in Norway – the water is so cold that one would not like to go swimming without the possibility to go to the sauna afterwards. It seems like waste not to go swimming in the sea at all!
/Antti & Minna

A view from Gothenburg Långedrag by night