I have put a lot of effort on cooking good food on board. When sailing, one should not be hungry, since the spirits and energy levels should stay high. This is why I have been trying different recipes to make cooking easy but fun. When sailing, our favourite snacks go keep the hunger away are bananas, heated hot dogs and earlier prepared tortillas.

I myself love cucina italiana and have thus been cooking pasta, pizza and many other foods containing the holy mixture of tomato, basil, mozzarella and parmeggiano. Those are also my favourite ingredients when cooking on board. I just made pizza a couple of days ago and it was good! It is great to have an oven on board even though it uses a lot of gas.

Lately we have also cooked fish since we are sailing in Norway. The local salmon was tasty and almost cheap compared to the Norwegian high price level. Hopefully we will find fresh fish in the other marinas also during the coming days that we will spend cruising Southern Norway.

In a couple of wild anchorages we have visited lately, we found blueberries and picked a lot of them. We ate them with morning porridge but I also prepared a blueberry pie. Another day, I made a blueberry cake for us to enjoy on sunny days – and it really felt like summer! By the way – the ready base for the cake that you can buy from supermarkets helps a lot when preparing a cake on board!

Usually when we have cooked, we are eager to eat and taking photos seems to be forgotten. However, here a couple of pictures inspired by food.

Blueberry cake

Rucola and basilica growing on board S/Y Dolphin Dance


Ice cream