On Sunday/Monday there was the last chance to go sailing this season, before Dolphin Dance would be laid up for winter. We started (me and my father) on Sunday afternoon with a nice downwind sailing leg to Helsingholmen. Dolphin Dance was already located in Stormälö, where she will be wintering this year, so it was only about three hours’ sail to Helsingholmen.

On Sunday, there were a lot of boats at sea, but after the weekend, the archipelago gets very quiet. We were actually the only guest boat staying in the popular Helsingholmen on Sunday evening. 

On Monday morning, we motored first to nearby Sandön, which is an uninhabited island, located just about a nautical mile northeast from Helsingholmen. I have sailed past the Sandön many times, but have not previously visited this unique island. The Sandön, like Jurmo in the south, is a part of the third Salpausselkä, which is a moraine ridge system, formed during the ice age. Sandön has nice sandy beaches, which makes it pretty unique in our rocky archipelago. The beaches around the island are quite shallow, so we anchored in the bay on the northeastern corner of the island and used the dinghy to get to see this island.

From Sandön we continued to Brännskär, where new guest harbour has been opened just two months ago. We actually sailed past this harbour on our way to Aspö one week ago, and saw quite many boats staying there. This time we decided to check out this place. It is indeed a cosy, small harbour with very beautiful surroundings. The harbour might be unsheltered at certain winds, but there is a good new pontoon and multiple buoys for visiting boats in the harbour. 
For the Monday evening, we continued to Stormälö to prepare Dolphin Dance for the winter, as she will be lifted on Friday. The feelings are a bit down, as the season is over now. On the other hand, it is good to have the boat prepared early for the coming winter and maintenance tasks.