The sailing season 2012 is almost over for us as Dolphin Dance will be lifted and laid up in two weeks’ time. She is going to spend the coming winter indoors at Paraisten Venekeskus in Stormälö, as there is some larger maintenance work scheduled for the coming lay-up period. More info on this coming later.

As there were just two weekends left for sailing, we decided to go at the sea even though the weather forecast for the weekend was quite wet. Rainy weather was forecasted also for the previous weekend, but then the weather turned out to be much better than expected. Unfortunately, this time the meteorologists faired better and especially on Saturday, it was raining all day long.

On the other hand, the wind was good during the whole weekend – about 10-12 m/s from southeast on Friday and Saturday. On Sunday the wind veered to southwest making it just perfect for coming back from the south. We started on Friday with a short 15 nm beating from our homeport to Airisto Strand. Marskär Open -sailing competition was also held this weekend, so after we had arrived, the harbour started to get full of boats participating in the race.

Beating towards south with full genoa and 1st reef in the main sail. 

The boats participating in the race were getting ready for the start, as we left.

We continued from Airisto in Saturday morning – just before the racers started outside the harbour. In terms of sailing the leg was good, but grey and rainy weather made the sailing less enjoyable. Actually we were first planning to sail to Jurmo, which is one of the southernmost larger islands in the archipelago (see this blog post on Jurmo at Balticsailing). However, due to the lousy weather, we decided to stop earlier at Aspö, some seven nautical miles north from Jurmo. Aspö is one of the most beautiful fishing villages in the archipelego, but unfortunately the weather on Saturday was pretty miserable for seeing the island. However, we enjoyed a great sauna in the evening, which felt luxurious after a pretty wet day of sailing.

On Sunday the weather turned better and the sun actually shined in the morning. We had a chance to see this beautiful island and take some photographs. On afternoon we continued from Aspö towards our coming boatyard in Stormälö, where we arrived in the evening. The location of this harbour is excellent, since normally we would still have had about three hours’ sailing to our homeport. Thus, during a normal weekend, one can travel further south or have more time to spend in the archipelago.

Taking advantage of the sunny weather!

In southern Airisto, we saw Albanus, two masted scooner from Åland

It was getting late in the evening, so we hoisted gennaker to get some more speed. This was actually the first time that we used the gennaker together with genoa.