The coming winter is going to be a bit different for us as Dolphin Dance is going to be laid up indoors at Paraisten Venekeskus for quite an extensive renovation. This has actually been planned for over a year now; the project started taking shape last autumn as it became obvious, that Dolphin Dance needs full bottom renovation, i.e. new epoxy barrier coat and antifouling. The underwater hull had multiple layers of old antifouling and the original epoxy primer was worn out at some places, so this job had clearly been postponed for too long. This will be also a good opportunity to check the hull for moisture and repair potential problem areas in order to prevent any future issues.

The second major item in need for renovation is the rudder. First, the rudder stuffing box needs maintenance or replacement, as it had some leak issues in the previous season. Secondly, the hairline cracks on the rudder blade were fixed last spring, but now it is a good time to take a closer look at the rudder, as there is probably some moisture trapped inside. Furthermore, the rudder bearings will be checked for wear.

Thirdly, the teak deck will be checked carefully, as we have had some problems with the caulking. All the potentially damaged areas will be re-done during the winter. Additionally, there are a lot of smaller items which need care and replacement after over twenty years of service. For example, all the winches including the anchor windlass, are serviced during the winter.

Paraisten Venekeskus was chosen for the boatyard, because it has good facilities for boat renovation during the winter at their special repair hall. Some other boat sheds that we considered had strict limitations for the work that can be carried out.

The season is over; lowering the pennant of the Finnish Navigational Association 

 The mast was unstepped

Hoisting the boat with the trailer goes smoothly. Good thing with this system is that there is no pressure to the topsides.

As part of the service, the hull is carefully washed after the lift – first with a pressure washer… 

...then, the yellow algae near waterline is treated with acid mixture. It is left for 10 minutes before rinsing with water…

…then the hull is washed with a Fairy.

After this treatment, the hull is gleaming and ready for waxing! This is really how the hull should have been cleaned every autumn to make the spring maintenance a lot easier!