Long term wind forecasts have been unreliable and changing a lot lately, so we have been struggling to make the decision on what route to take to Gotland. Our final idea on Sunday evening was to take a course towards Svenska Högarna in outer Stockholm Archipelago. Light headwinds were forecasted for most of the day so we expected long motoring at calm sea for the majority of this leg.

However, when we started on Monday morning the wind was steady 4-5 m/s (8-10 knots), but unfortunately it was blowing from SW – right were we should be going. Thus, we altered our plans, and after motoring a couple hours into the wind – to get clear of the shallow water southwest of Kökar – we hoisted the sails and took the course towards west, to northern part of the Stockholm Archipelago.

Wind picked up during the day and veered towards the south so we got a good wind for Åland Sea crossing. We arrived at Granhamn (wild anchorage near Kapellskär) on Monday evening after 13 hours of sailing. The total distance was 64 nm.

Windvane was steering 90 % of the leg and did a perfect job in keeping the course.
Tortilla wraps, which Minna prepared earlier, for lunch

After lunch there was a good time to test the new GoPro-camera 
The following three images are taken with GoPro.

Åland sea crossed! We spotted only one sailboat during the day 

 Wind rose to 8-10 m/s (16-20 knots) in the evening which built steep waves. Deck got a good wash!