The winds have been calm so we decided to stay in Kökar and explore the island further before we continue our journey towards Sweden. After spending a lovely evening at Sandvik Guest Harbour on Saturday we made a short, 9 nm, leg to the southern part of the island, to Karlby Guest Harbour.

The narrow waterway to Kökar Karlby is zigzagging across the beautiful archipelago.

The waterway is well marked with the leading beacons painted on the rock.

The day was sunny and we were relaxing and making plans for our journey towards Gotland. In the evening, we rented bikes for a couple of hours and decided to visit Helsö Guest Harbour on the northeastern side of the island.

In the evening, we took sauna and then cooked food, bruschetta and pizza for the first time in the boat during this season. I was actually planning that next time that I make pizza, I would write a blog post about how I do it onboard. Since we love pizza, I have prepared to be able to make it myself onboard S/Y Dolphin Dance. Actually I think, that the pizza is better onboard than at home – thanks to the gaz oven that is excellent for pizza.
Tomorrow, we are planning to wake up early and head for Svenska Högarna. We will see how the wind turns out – probably there will not be that much wind but let’s hope we will get some more. We have five days time to arrive in Gotland, since Antti’s brother and his family is coming to Gotland on Friday and we are trying to to be in Visby then too to be able to spend some summer days with them on that island!
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