As I promised earlier, here are more photos on our new sprayhood and cockpit extension/tent, which were made by a company called Juha Lahtonen Oy from Turku. We chose the dark blue fabric for the sprayhood and tent over the natural white/stone coloured fabric, which was another potential option in discussions. Lighter fabric would have definitely given more natural light inside the tent, but as we decided to go with the blue fabric, we ordered the tent with big windows instead. The decision was purely based on aesthetics, since in my opinion, the dark blue sprayhood adds more character in the looks of the HR 29.

Storing the tent when it is not in use required some thinking, so that it would not be in the way of the tiller, autopilot or the windvane steering lines. Thus, we decided to store it on the tent arch, which is fixed to backstay in 45 degrees angle. Setting up the tent takes only a few minutes from the storage.

In general, we are very pleased with the overall quality of the product, since the tent fits perfectly. After about one week of daily use, we have been repeating many times: Why did we not order the tent two years ago? Since having it, we have basically had every evening dinner and breakfast in the cockpit, although it has sometimes been chilly, windy or even rainy. On the other hand, in Karlby the sun was shining a bit too strongly, so we used the tent, with side rolled up, as a bimini. I think that this is an important quality to include in the tent.

Sides rolled
The tent in “Bimini” mode. 

The canvas is fastened with zippers to the arches so the tent can easily be removed. 
  Hole for the winch.