On Tuesday we continued from Katanpää towards south. The southwesterly wind was fresh and gusting up to 12 m/s in the afternoon. However, the direction of the wind was favourable, so we managed to sail all the way from Katanpää to Östra Långgrundet, which is a skerry harbour of the boating club, Turun Navigaatioseura.

On Wednesday we continued the last 20 nautical miles to our home port in Turku. Again we had a great sailing day and travelled almost the whole leg under sail. This time one could say, that we were lucky with the wind and managed to sail the whole 60 nm distance from Kustavi to Turku and used the engine only to motor in and out from the harbours. 
Dolphin Dance is now back in her home port, but the season is not over yet. We are planning to make some shorter trips to southern Archipelago Sea during the autumn, if weather conditions are favourable. 

We were the only boat overnighting in Östra Långgrundet

There were some stronger gusts at Airisto