After almost two weeks on solid ground, it feels good to be sailing again – this time together with my father, as we are taking Dolphin Dance from Kustavi to Turku. We started on Monday with a short leg to Katanpää, which is located in northern Kustavi.

The place has a really interesting history: during the first world war, the Russians built the Katanpää fortress to the northwestern corner of the island Lypertö which has an excellent location to monitor and defend the most important coastal waterways in the west coast of Finland. The fortress was constructed between 1915 and 1917 to defend the northern borders of Russian empire, but the Finns took control of the fortress already in 1918. In the 1930s it also served as a prison, but during the second world war, the Finnish defense forces took control of the fortress and it served mostly as an educational base. The fortress has never been used in military action. After the second world war, Katanpää lost its importance, but Finnish Defence Forces stayed there until 1999. After that the place has been open to public and it is nowadays visited by well over a thousand boats per year.

 Katanpää harbour

There are about 2 kilometers of cobblestone roads in Katanpää.  Previously, there was even a narrow gauge railway from harbour to the fortress.

The water tower 

View towards Isokari-lighthouse