During our autumn break in Italy, we had only two days to spend on the Capri island, so we did not have any ambitious sailing plans. Anyway, we kind of hoped to find sailing charter services from the island – just for a day sail around the island. Unfortunately, we could not find one, and thus, we had to settle for a noisy motor boat tour around the island. The scenery was breathtaking nevertheless, but we were kind of missing the quiet ride of a sailing boat.

The boat tour visited various caves around the island. This the ‘Green grotto’ on the southern coast. 

During the tour of the island, we also visited the famous Blue Grotto (Grotto Azzurra) that in the end turned out to be an easy way to get money from tourists. In itself, the cave was amazing but the huge tourist crowds and the two-minute-visit costing more than ten €uros per person were a bit disappointing for us.

The entrance to the Blue Grotto is so small, that the cave can be only accessed with a rowing boat. 

We stayed at a hotel in more quiet Marina Piccola area away from the busy Capri village. This turned out to be a good choice, since we had a nice view to the open sea and to the few sailing boats anchored in the bay.

Beautiful anchorage at Marina Piccola di Capri. 

Capri is of course one of the most famous tourist resorts in the Mediterranean. This has some negative side effects as well. For example, there are queues to everywhere, the prices are higher compared to Naples and the food is less original. Also the Marina Grande, the port where passenger ferries arrive, was buzzing with salesmen trying to offer boat rides or additional services.

We took a scary bus ride along the narrow serpentine roads from Marina Grande to Anacapri village. 

View from Anacapri to Marina Grande

October seems to be a a pretty ideal time for visiting this area; during our stay the weather was something, that would be called a heatwave in the Baltics: temperature was around 25 degrees and evenings still pleasantly warm. We definitely prefer this to the normal hot summer weather of the Mediterranean. Secondly, we saw only five or six sailboats during our stay, and thus, the anchorages are quieter than during the peak summer season.
/Minna & Antti

Faraglionis or sea stacks on the southern coast of Capri rise over 100 meters over the sea level.