It is again that time of the year when it is time to face the facts: yet another sailing season is drawing to a close, and the fun part of preparing the boat for the winter begins. However, I consider this as a part of the hobby, and doing the basic maintenance tasks by yourself also helps one to learn his/her boat better inside out. On the other hand, those with some extra money in their pockets can of course outsource this less glamorous side of sailing hobby to professional boat yards.

Earlier this week we made the last sail of the season, when heading to the boat yard, where Dolphin Dance is going to be laid up for winter. Although rather chilly, the autumn day was sunny and we even got a chance to sail for an hour or so. After arriving to the harbour, we removed the sails for winter. DD was lifted out on Friday with the mast still stepped. Covering the boat without the mast would be easier, so we might be calling a hiab truck next week to unstep the mast.

Is your boat still in the water or already lifted out? Are you planning to leave the mast up for the winter?

The deck was still frosty after a cold night, as we started.  

Sails up for the last time this year. 

TUI cruise ship being built close to the boat yard.