In the end of September, when it started to seem that the winter is arriving also this year to Northern Europe, we decided to book flights to Rome for a mid-October Autumn break in Italy. From Rome we took a train to Naples where we spent the first night. The city is quite untidy with a lot of rubbish on streets and graffitis everywhere, but on the other hand, the architecture is very beautiful and the city feels authentic.

On the first night, after finding our hotel, we were hungry after a long day of travelling, so we decided to head for the Centro Storico, the historical centre of the town. Already in early Sunday evening, there were a lot of locals gathering for a Sunday dinner. We just picked up a restaurant that looked cosy and ended up eating perhaps the best pizzas that we have ever had. By the way, that was at half of the price that what one would have to pay in Finland.

On the following morning, we strolled around the city and especially headed for the Lungomare-area located by the sea. We visited a couple of marinas and liked especially the one next to the Castell del’Ovo castle.

We had many reasons to visit Italy: first of all, especially Minna is a fan of ‘La cucina italiana’ and was especially keen to visit the Naples area, the home of pizza. Secondly, this part of the Mediterranean also has a connection to this blog, since Dolphin Dance (under different name and ownership) spent her first years sailing in the Italian waters. We have also dreamed of sailing there with an own boat, and thus thirdly, wanted to check out marinas and cruising grounds of the area in general.

In the afternoon, we caught a ferry to Capri island, located in the Gulf of Naples. But more about Capri in the next blog post coming up soon!
/Minna & Antti

A lonely boat sailing in the Gulf of Naples. The summer season starts to be soon over 
in the Meds as well, although one couldn’t tell that from the weather.