A week ago, I wrote that we were probably done with our night trips for this season. Fortunately, this turned out to be untrue, since on Monday afternoon, we (me and my father) decided to take the advantage of the nice autumn weather, and head out for one more night trip. We got a nice wind during the afternoon, but the wind faded away towards the evening so we decided to head for nearby Kaskis island. Located at Southern Airisto, Kaskis is a wild anchorage, which I had briefly visited just two weeks earlier. At this time of the year, most of the guest harbours are already closed and also our boating club’s saunas are already prepared for the winter. Therefore, we decided that we could very well stay in the wild anchorage as well. I guess that it is a very Finnish way of thinking: if you cannot use the sauna, why go there in the first place…

Nevertheless, Kaskis turned out to be a good choice: it is located nearby and I like very much the surroundings on this anchorage. The wind was calm during the night, so we got a good night sleep on a totally quiet and flat anchorage. Also the temperature stayed above 10 degrees through the night, so the morning was less chilly experience, than a week earlier.

No rush at the sea at this time of the year.

Kaskis island at Airisto