Finland has been enjoying the very warm early summer weather this year. During the last couple of days, the temperatures have climbed well over 25 degrees at many parts of the country, which is something that can be labelled as a heat wave here. However, this was not the case in Jurmo  located in the outer archipelago  where the temperature barely reached 14-15 degrees at noon on Sunday. The chilly easterly wind, blowing over the cold sea (temperature about 9 degrees) cooled down the weather pretty efficiently. Furthermore, wind can blow freely over this low and mostly treeless island, so there is not much shelter from the wind.

Two British boats in Jurmo, going for meeting in St. Petersburg.  

We were initially thinking about continuing to nearby Utö for Sunday evening, but decided to alter our plans and change a course towards the north to hopefully find some warmer weather there. It felt stupid to wear long trousers and woolly hat, when the rest of the country is enjoying the heat wave!

The leg from Jurmo to Korppoo Verkan was otherwise uneventful, but when sailing west of the Korppoo, we noted a smell of burning wood for short period of time. We could also see smoke in the air coming behind the nearby islands. We called the 112 and told about our observation. Later in the evening we found out, that there had been a fairly large wild fire on one of the islands, but luckily it was not close to any settlements. 
On Monday afternoon, we continued to our boating club’s island base, where we were (again) the only boat. The perfect warm and sunny evening faded away very quickly, when the wind changed to north and brought dark clouds into the sky. The weather forecast promised rain and wind for the next morning, so we decided to continue to our homeport for the evening. We arrived there at 1 am after a pretty fast 15 nm sailing in good northwesterly wind. 
One more image from Saturday  arriving in Jurmo.  

 Relaxed Sunday sailing with gennaker. 
+25 degrees and only two boats in Korppoo Verkan on Sunday. 
The holiday season starts too late this year! 

Östra Långgrundet 

The wind was gusting 10 m/s in Airisto, so we decided to reef the main.

The summer night is bright at this time of the year