On Friday evening, we began a long weekend tour of the southern Archipelago Sea. Our departure was delayed until quite late in the afternoon, and thus we came up with a rule: when leaving for anything more than a one-night trip, it is good to take the most pessimistic estimation of the start time and then add an hour to that… then you get a pretty close estimate of the realistic start time. As it was getting late, we decided to head for Airisto guest harbour some 10 miles south. There were some thundershowers in the afternoon but the weather cleared for the evening. Unfortunately, the wind faded away as well.


On Saturday we continued towards south. The easterly wind was pretty good until the midday, but then the wind died. I guess that the sea breeze, blowing usually from SW, cancelled the wind, and thus we had to rely on our engine. North of Knivskär, we dropped the anchor in between two islands, and took a lunch break. As we continued south in the evening, we found finally some wind, and got a nice evening sail with gennaker to Jurmo, which was one of the destinations, we had planned for this year.

Gennaker up for the first time this year.

Arriving in Jurmo