Here are some photos of the companionway teak and the main door/slat, which were varnished already during the spring. They were originally untreated, but after over twenty years of service, started to look a bit tired. There were some small mold spots in the teak, so they were removed by sanding before applying the varnish.

The companionway slat/door had some visible damage from water and wear, 
as well as some small mold spots. 

After sanding, the teak was carefully cleaned and degreased. For varnishing, we decided to use Hempel’s products, since we have prior experience of those. The wooden parts were first coated once with 30 % thinned Dura-Gloss Varnish, which was followed by 4-5 additional coats. The glossy varnish has a good durability, but all the imperfections show very well in the finish. Therefore, the job was finished with two coats of Dura-Satin varnish, which gives a silk gloss finish and hides better the imperfections.