As there is less than one month left for this year, it is a good time to sum up the season 2012. During the previous summer the memory card of our camera was again filled with hundreds of photos and also plenty of video material. The video editing is a time consuming process, but maybe during Christmas holiday I have enough time to go through all the material. As for the images, we have now selected 15 photos, which in our opinion, represent best the season 2012.

This summer we did not experience many of those great Baltic Sea sunsets/sunrises, that we love. Nevertheless, during the season there were some interesting moments and beautiful sceneries for photographing – for example, when an approaching rain front painted the scenery blue. Or the horizon cleared after a cloudy day and setting sun turned the scenery sparkling red. And after all, not all the photos are dark or cloudy – so I guess that there were some sunny days in between as well!

We have difficulty in deciding our favourite image from the 2012, so we would like to hear your opinion. You can vote in the poll which is underneath all the pictures.
/Antti & Minna

1. The High Coast panorama

2. Djupviken – a natural harbour in Northern Åland 

3. Mirror calm water (Djupviken) 

 4. View towards Bay of Bothnia (Djupviken)

 5. Purple horizon (Djupviken)

6. The white horse of Helsingholmen 

 7.  Cold bath at sea (Helsingholmen)

8. Blue moment (anchorage near Sundsvall) 

9. View from Isokari  

 10. Full moon 

11. Wooden boat sheds of Trysunda 

12. View from Trysunda 

13. Thundercloud (Sweden)

14. Insjön-lake on Björkö

15. Cliffs of Skrubban

Which picture do you think is the best one?