The latest December issue of Practical Boat Owner magazine treats HR fans, with Peter Poland’s five-page article The Hallberg-Rassy story. In the article, the history and the development of the Hallberg-Rassy is presented from the early 1940s to this day. During the history of the yard, Monsun 31, launched in 1974, has been the most popular HR-yacht of all time with 904 boats built, followed by HR 352 with 802 hulls built. These are pretty impressive numbers for a Scandinavian yard.

The article also contains ‘prices from’ information for various older models on the second-hand market (UK), which might be valuable information for a seller/buyer.

It was also interesting to read how the HR range has evolved during the years. However, I was a bit disappointed that HR 29 is not mentioned in the article. After all, it is one of the newest Enderlein-designed HRs and has a bit different concept. Basically the underwater profile is pretty similar to other HRs from that era, but there are some differences above the waterline. First of all, the 29 has a lower freeboard and higher coachroof with windows, compared to the other 80s models, which have a higher freeboard, hull topsides windows and a flush deck.

The second major difference is the fractional 7/8 rig, which was a modern choice at that time for a cruising boat. Actually the first HR with a fractional sail plan was HR 26 (and not the Frers-designed HR 34, as mentioned in the article). Also HR 29 and 312 were the only aft cockpit models in the range during the 80s. Nowadays the aft cockpit is getting more popular as there are four aft cockpit boats in the range.